Monday, October 18, 2010

How can you beat your competition in rapidly changing Internet industry?

Internet industry in today’s society is evolving faster and faster…
What if your company has just entered the internet market? You are sure you will find a lot of customers in there. But for all you have to pay… Together with clients, there is a bunch of competitors, some of them you may not even be aware of.

Internet market is a global arena, all undergoing battles between firms-competitors. To keep leading on that arena your company has to develop its marketing, especially the internet marketing. There are many keyword research tools for  that…

One of the best tools for developing your internet marketing is KeywordCompetitor. This tool makes a search as if you were doing it yourself via search engines. Now, if you know your competitors, then you can simply type their domain names and make a search in real time. It will take some time to gather info on competitors’ keywords, PPC ads, other competitors… But it’s worth the waiting! KeywordCompetitor emails an alert to you as soon as it completes the report, you can then export it to Excel, PDF, or HTML. 

Another thing is that you can track changes in the Monitor tab. Add, remove domains and keywords.

Even more convenient is that you get email alerts each time the competitors change anything : be it keywords, or ads, landing pages, or new competitors… The graph can be saved as an Excel file, and you can add daily/weekly/monthly changes to compare the state of things.

Try all this as a free trial user and then choose the best variant that suits you.

Data on competitors’ keywords, PPC ads, landing pages by KeywordCompetitor is from the web directly, as it exists NOW. Don’t mess up with keyword tools supplying you with stale data.

Your competitors always try to beat you. What can your company do to solve that problem? You have to fight hard! Beat your competition before they beat you…

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  1. Glad to know about Keyword Competitor. It seems to be really interesting!!Thank you for sharing..