Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KeywordCompetitor adds type matching for PPC keywords

KeywordCompetitor is known for being the keyword tool #1 to research competitors online and to monitor their activities on a daily basis. We are glad to announce a new, long-awaited feature. You can now specify type matching when rank checking your keywords or discovering competitors' PPC keywords.  Broad, exact, or phrase. Now you can find precisely who competes with you on every keyword phrase. Use the same designations as you do in Google i.e [] "".
Type in a domain name, press search button and you’ll see a pop up screen open

The KeywordCompetitor keyword tool will search the web and show you exact results, up-to-the-moment.
Try it at

Friday, April 15, 2011

Find search positions for specific keywords in any domain

KeywordCompetitor keyword tool is famous for being the only keyword tool on the market that searches the Internet in real time, on demand of your request, unlike other keyword tools that provide you with old data from ISPs. Now KeywordCompetitor is even better!

KeywordCompetitor has released a new cool feature. When you enter a domain name to research, a dialog box will open where you can insert specific keywords to find search positions in Google. You will get:

- Search position (page and position)
- Search volume
- How much competition there is on the keyword phrase

If you have your own list of keywords and you need to check search positions, this will save you a lot of time.

Go ahead and try this new feature for free. Sign up now for a free 30 day trial.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is exciting

Just found a very useful article from Search Engine Land about the way to control competitors' activity. I liked the idea that there's no way for a big branded company to stay ahead of competitors because they will find out all the strategies using different keyword tools. The author of the article suggest that the only thing competitors won't discover is your thoughts. Read some extracts from the article below:

"Google and Microsoft offer amazing keyword suggestion tools for everyone. And no matter how clever your keyword research, or how well you guard it, it does not take long for competitors to discover what words you are bidding on and how much you are spending by subscribing to tools like Adgooroo, SpyFu, Keyword Competitor, and SEMRush, to name just a few... Any competitive advantage you enjoy today will go away as quickly as your competitors see what you’ve done. It may take a few days, weeks or months, but sooner or later, your competitors will try to match you step for step.
This is especially true if you are the recognized leader in your marketplace.What your competitors can not emulate are the thought processes that drive your decision-making. The better your decision-making process and the faster you can implement improvements, the harder it becomes for competitors to keep up with you.
So what constitutes better process?
Better process starts with a mindset that you want to get better every day, regardless of what your competitors are doing. Rather than looking over your shoulder to see what hungry competitors are on your tail, focus instead on your own company’s unique challenges and work hard to improve yourself. I guarantee you there is enough work there to keep you busy for years to come.
Better process requires improving your ability to test, measure, report and analyze your campaigns so you can generate deeper, more valuable insights and more granular, higher-quality information."

Read the whole article and leave your comments. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monitor or Being monitored – that’s the Question

Coming back and rephrasing classic’s words, I keep thinking that the choice in this case is obvious. Of course, monitor! Whoever has a website, has competition that monitors him. Marketing agencies, SEO/SEM companies, even small businesses with their own website need to be informed about competition in order to react quickly and make decisions. We need to monitor our competitors to track changes they make every day, this process can’t be stopped. 
Internet is live, the situation within its frames changes every day. 
There are options to see competitors’ online activity, why not use it? Please stop here for a second and think, you want to know what your competitors did today, their rankings, ads positions, newly added keywords, etc. 
There are many keyword tools out there. And they offer you updated info from databases. Is that what you really want to get? You pay money for stored info from databases, this info is ~45 days old.

It doesn’t sound good. You can always do a manual check yourself, and do a search on competitors’ online activity. But it takes really much time. Can you afford it?

There is a keyword tool however that works in real time. Type in a keyword or a domain name and the tool starts gathering info from the web, as it exists right now. Go eat a sandwich or work at some other things and let the tool take its time to generate a full report for you.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the low pricing. Go check it out yourself. Sign up for a free trial, or choose the best subscription option.

The thing is, you outsource manual work to a KeywordCompetitor keyword tool that will do the same, only faster.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How you can be the leader nowadays.

To occupy the leading position is always difficult anywhere, especially in the internet marketing field.
How can you become the leader? First, you need to find out all the powerful competitors. After that you need to start monitoring their activity on a daily basis.
I know how much time it may take to figure out the best competitors and monitor their activity. Are you thinking of outsourcing this job to an agency? Don’t. You can manage it yourself.
The most effective is to use keyword tools. Of course there are keyword tools out there that help discover keywords that might suit your website. But it’s only suggestions.
Most of the keyword tools provide stale data from databases which is 45+ days old.

One of the best tools for improving your SERPs is KeywordCompetitor. This tool makes a search as if you were doing it yourself via search engines. Now, if you know your competitors, then you can simply type their domain names and make a search in real time. It will take some time to gather info on competitors’ keywords, PPC ads, other competitors… But it’s worth the waiting! KeywordCompetitor emails an alert to you as soon as it completes the report, you can then export it to Excel, PDF, or HTML. The free trial enables you to assess the power of this tool.
The tool performs both keyword research and competitor monitoring. It puts the information into reports and email alerts so that you can always stay on top of the keywords and the competitors you need to keep in your sight...
Another thing is that you can track changes your competitors make every day to their keywords for PPC, ads, organic SEO improvements, and landing pages. Add, remove domains and keywords.
Try KeywordCompetitor for free today to build your new strategy and occupy the leading position in your business and beat your competition!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Invest Money to Increase Profits on Weekends and Holidays

When you own an online store, you strain your brains thinking about the best way to increase sales.
It’s obvious that most people work the whole week, 5/2, and don’t have enough time to visit shops. So, their activity of buying something is much higher when they have free time on weekends and holidays for sure.

At the same time fight for customers on the online market is getting harder too… What do you need to do? Your company needs to make more advertising for that time. But it’s not so simple, as it seems to be.

If you have no time and money to lose, your company needs to make quality of the ads higher. How to make the right choose? Invest money in online market research…

There are many online market research tools… The most useful and unique one of them is KeywordCompetitor - world’s first and only real time keyword research and monitor tool.  With its help you’ll be able to learn from your best competitor: discover and monitor competitor’s PPC ad positions, new keyword additions and changes in organic keyword search rankings every day. Moreover, you’ll get daily alerts on your competitor’s changes in PPC, organic and paid keywords, hence, react quickly and improve your own strategies.

With KeywordCompetitor you will be sure that you keep your competitors in sights and you won’t lose a sale! Your online presence is too significant, so don’t get lost among your competitors. Learn from those ones that you respect, and very soon you are most likely to take over them.

First of all try KeywordCompetitor for free. The free trial enables you to assess the power of this tool and – which is more important – basic difference from all the other keyword tools that give you outdated info from the database. If you didn’t know that, I can say that databases store data which is 30 – 45 days old.

Weekends and holidays are the best time for high sales. Customers will look for your business or your competitors’ business. You decide, KeywordCompetitor can help.

Friday, November 12, 2010

KeywordCompetitor’s answer to your main question

How can KeywordCompetitor give you the answer to your main question?
We guess that your company’s main question to KeywordCompetitor is: “Why do we need to spend money on a keyword research tool if we already have good marketing experts, who can research  market very well themselves?”
We’ll try to answer.

Your experts are working hard. First what they do is research of the market. They have to spend a lot of time for that.  After finding keywords experts have to choose the bests of them. It takes time too… And only after all that activities they can do the most important thing: make the decision about your forthcoming market strategy.
What is the output? Most of their time your marketing experts spend on repetitive actions, while they could spend all that time for making decisions about your online presence. So ask yourself: “How can I change it?”…

KeywordCompetitor will help you. It is online keyword research tool that does all the repetitive actions for your marketing experts faster, than they do it usually.
The tool performs both keyword research and competitor monitoring. It conveniently puts the information into reports and email alerts so that you can always stay on top of  the keywords and the competitors you need to keep in your sights. Search marketing and SEO professionals as well as affiliates love this tool.

It will take some time to gather info on competitors’ keywords, PPC ads, other competitors… But it’s worth the waiting! KeywordCompetitor emails an alert to you as soon as it completes the report, you can then export it to Excel, PDF, or HTML. Another thing is that you can track changes in the Monitor tab. Add, remove domains and keywords.

Try all this as a free trial user and then choose the best variant that suits you.

So the answer to your main question is: “Time costs much money. With KeywordCompetitor you will have economy for your market strategy.